N3001 | Tending Grief Winter Holiday Newsletter


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This issue: 

The holidays are difficult for our bereaved clients. Our Winter Holiday Issue is created to send to your bereavement/aftercare clients to assist them with the struggles unique to those who grieve through the holidays.  

Newsletters are sold in packs of 25 which allows organizations small and large to order in quantities that work for your budget. Send one newsletter to each of your bereaved clients in early- to mid- November so they are prepared for the holiday season.

Features of the Winter Holiday Issue:

These newsletters were thoughtfully designed to meet the needs of the grieving population and the professionals who work with them: 

  • Beautifully designed with a non-religious nature theme with pine and lanterns, these newsletters gently deliver information on healing grief through the holidays.
  • Newsletters are filled with actionable items that encourage clients to make small changes and improve their quality of life after losing a loved one.
  • Each newsletter contains the following helpful columns:
    • The Voice of Grief
    • Grief Therapist Corner
    • Healing in Action
    • Embracing Your Mindset
    • Word Origins


  • 11x17 inches, 4 pages total.
  • Newsletters come already folded in half, then in thirds - conveniently fitting in a #10 envelope, or seal with clear wafer seals and send as a folded self-mailer.

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