Our Customers Say


When I began caring for my mom, I struggled with so many feelings and emotions.  I felt like I was crumbling, and the fact that I didn’t know what to expect was causing me so much stress.  The hospice social worker gave us the Nature Gave Us Butterflies booklet, and my whole world changed.  I was able to use the suggestions about communicating with my mom, and I will forever be grateful for the conversations we had after I read the booklet and gave my mom and myself the permission to discuss the issues that we needed to discuss.  I am keeping this booklet to share with others who will go through the same emotions that I did.  I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have that booklet!


daughter of hospice patient


Our hospice used the same patient booklet known to the hospice industry for years, until we discovered Nature Gave Us Butterflies. As soon as we started using the booklet with our families, the compliments started pouring in! You have provided sound, practical information that is useful in the caregiving process. Combined with the use of the butterfly comparison, the booklet helps the family member understand how they can make the best of a difficult situation. It is absolutely gorgeous, and when the family member reads the booklet, they are so touched by the beauty of the butterfly story. We are so glad we made the switch. These booklets are worth every penny!


hospice director


Reading Nature Gave Us Butterflies was like having a conversation with my best friend.


daughter of hospice patient


I read this booklet with my 10 year old daughter when my dad was dying. The hospice was nice enough to leave it for me and the information was invaluable. The part that my 10 year old liked was the caterpillar growing into a butterfly. It helped her understand why Grandpa wasn’t talking to her as much as he normally does. Thanks for the help!


daughter of hospice patient


As a hospice admissions nurse, we introduce the Nature Gave Us Butterflies booklet at the onset of care. Families are so appreciative of the information. We cover so much information at the time of admission. Families are often overwhelmed with emotions and are unable to retain all of the information we give them. I love being able to leave the Nature Gave Us Butterflies booklet for the families to refer to throughout the caregiving process.


hospice RN


I stayed home with my husband who was dying of pancreatic cancer at the young age of 58. Needless to say, the emotional pain I was feeling was excruciating. I didn’t think I could handle the care at home. When I picked up your Nature Gave Us Butterflies booklet, I noticed the beautiful design, but I had no idea how it would touch my heart. After I read the booklet, I saw death differently – not the hopeless, ominous experience that I saw it as before I read the book. Each time I see a butterfly, I think of my husband. Naturally, I still go through hard times because I miss my husband. This booklet along with the support of my hospice team got me through this experience, and I will be forever grateful.


wife of hospice patient


As a hospice nurse, I love being able to use this booklet. The way it is organized makes so much sense. I can easily find what I am looking for when I am teaching the family members how to provide care. I can use the booklet to educate about a specific symptom, or, I can go to the page which shows them what to expect at this stage in the dying process. I usually start with covering symptoms, and as I build a rapport with the family, I eventually teach from the chronological timeline. I sometimes struggled to help the family accept what is happening, but the butterfly story in this booklet is so gentle. Families love it. It makes a difficult topic much easier to talk about.


hospice RN


What I loved about this booklet was the care that went into the delivery of the message. Clearly the author put some thought into writing this book, because the support provided is palpable, and all of the families I work with feel at peace after reading the butterfly metaphor that relates to the stage of dying.  I can’t thank you enough, Wings of Change!


hospice social worker


A special thanks for the booklet that you gave us for caregiving suggestions.  We referred to it many times, being new to the caregiving role.  We felt prepared and knew what to expect every step of the way.  Well done.


husband of hospice patient

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