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Rachel Rankin
Wings of Change publications

The wings of change publications are not only beautiful and simple, but incredibly meaningful. We are looking forward to using these with our patients and are incredibly impressed that they come in Spanish as well. Looking forward to trying some of the other products that they have to offer in the future!

Hi Rachel, thank you for taking the time in your busy schedule to write a review for us! I'm so glad the Spanish materials will benefit your patients and families. It was lovely getting to know you over the phone, and we are happy to help out with your future needs. Thanks again!

ZN1001 | Tending Grief Newsletter Series Bundle Pack (50 issues of all 7 issues in series)

$236.99 $248.50

This bundle offers 50 issues of each of our 7 issues; 350 newsletters total. This bundle will serve 50 bereavement clients for a 13-month bereavement period. Take advantage of bundle savings!

We are excited to announce our newest long-awaited and requested product line: the Tending Grief newsletter series.


These newsletters were thoughtfully designed to meet the needs of the grieving population and the professionals who work with them: 

  • Comprised of 7 newsletters designed to send 1,3,5,7,9,11, and 13 months after the date of death so that your grieving clients hear from you regularly.
  • Beautifully designed with a botanical theme, these newsletters gently deliver information on healing grief.
  • Newsletters are filled with actionable items that encourage clients to make small changes and improve their quality of life after losing a loved one.
  • Each newsletter contains the following helpful columns:
    • The Voice of Grief
    • Grief Therapist Corner
    • Healing in Action
    • Embracing Your Mindset
    • Word Origins
  • Each newsletter issue addresses grief and loss issues correlated with the general course of grief. For example, an article on the topic of shock is offered at the beginning of the series, and an article about moving on is offered toward the end of the series. 
  • A complete Table of Contents with article titles can be found here.


  • 11x17 inches, 4 pages total.
  • The series is designed to send 7 newsletter issues over a 13-month period following the loss (recommended sending to bereavement clients 1,3,5,7,9,11, and 13 months after the death).
  • Newsletters come already folded in half, then in thirds - conveniently fitting in a #10 envelope, or seal with clear wafer seals and send as a folded self-mailer.
  • Don't know how many newsletters you will need? Click here for easy calculation!