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Lisa Flanagan
10 Essentials for Healthy Grieving Pocket Guide

I LOVE these pocket guides! For so many grieving people, reading a booklet is too much for them sometimes. These are concise, and the 10 reminders offer very good advice. I give these out to the folks in my grief groups, as well as people I see individually. They could be put on refrigerators, or on a bulletin board. I think they’re great! Lisa Flanagan, LCSW, Bereavement Coord.

Lisa, we couldn't agree more - the Pocket Guides are super helpful for early grievers who have a difficult time concentrating as they navigate their new reality. I'm so glad you find them helpful, and we thank you for your ongoing business!

P1008 | The 10 Essentials of Healthy Grieving Pocket Guides


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Many bereavement clients are unfamiliar with grieving and what to expect from the process. For many, the depth of emotion and the effects of grief on their everyday lives take them by surprise. 

Grief literature is often full of information telling the bereaved what they may experience, but often we leave out the most important part: what can we do to help ourselves through it?

This pocket guide is designed to help the bereaved understand they can make an active choice in processing their grief. While we can't (and shouldn't) take away their grief experience, we can offer ways to help them work through it. 10 Essentials to Healthy Grieving can empower them to actively work through surges of grief. Repeated efforts to process and heal their grief build upon each other, creating habits that support the grieving process and create good self-care.


The 10 Essentials to Health Grieving Pocket Guide covers:

  • Acknowledge Your Grief
  • Stay Connected to Your Loved One
  • Move Your Body, Gently
  • Create Boundaries
  • Rest. Slow Down. Nap
  • Spend Time in Nature
  • Seek Support from Others
  • One Day at a Time
  • Nutrition & Hydration
  • Finds Ways to Honor and Remember

This Pocket Guide is a great leave-behind for your bereavement sessions, a takeaway for your groups, and can be mailed to those who aren't actively involved with your bereavement follow-up.  It may also be used as a resource handout for social workers and chaplains and to train volunteers.

Sometimes all they need is your empowerment and encouragement to see their capabilities for working through grief.