ZBRV1001 | Deluxe Bereavement Bundle

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This bundle includes Pocket Guides, two different greeting cards used most often by bereavement coordinators, and grief booklets to stock your shelves to meet the needs of your individual bereavement clients!  Bereavement clients grieve individually, and our bereavement plan of care should reflect that.  Not everyone will have the same needs, so be prepared to individualize their care by sending them the bereavement materials that will speak to their heart.  This bundle includes: 

  • 2 packs (50 Pocket Guides) of If I Could Ask You for Anything: 5 Heartfelt Requests of a Grieving Person
  • 50 of The Nature of Grief Booklets
  • 2 packs (50 cards) of Four Seasons Tree - Anniversary of Loss Cards
  • 2 packs (50 cards)  of Anniversary of Patient's - Lantern Birthday Cards
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