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Robert Estes
Tough subject matter that was explained with grace

Our hospice social worker provided a packet of information recently that included the book "Nature Gave us Butterflies." Upon reading this title, I noticed there was a book from the same publisher that discussed Dementia in the same caring and easy to understand analogous format. I placed an order for 2 copies (one for my sister and the other for myself.) "The Whisper of the Fallen Oak" has helped me better understand the journey we are currently taking with Dad. Many times the easiest day was yesterday, but there are others where the message definitely resonated. Understanding the guilt that has plagued me during this process of change for my father and myself has been extremely helpful. The decisions I make for him (now at least) come with the confidence that my experience is shared by others going through similar events and outcomes every day.

Hi Robert, thank you so much for taking the time to write a review for The Whisper of the Fallen Oak. There is little else that makes a writer happier than to know this work is making a difference in the lives of others. My thoughts are with you as you navigate the caregiver role and the feelings and experiences that accompany it.

B1007 | The Whisper of the Fallen Oak: A Family's Guide to Early, Middle, Late and End-stage Dementia



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The Whisper of the Fallen Oak is an all-in-one primer for family members and caregivers of dementia patients. Covering the early, middle, late, and end stages of dementia, this carefully crafted booklet informs without overwhelming while using the metaphor of the oak tree life cycle. 

At a stressful or traumatic time in their lives, caregivers may: 

  • experience overwhelm and aren't able to retain information well;
  • not know what to expect from the dementia disease process;
  • lack confidence in themselves to provide the care the patient needs.

This booklet reinforces your teaching and gently supports them in this difficult time, resulting in caregivers experiencing more confidence in their knowledge and abilities to care for and interact with their loved one. Caregivers who have read The Whisper of the Fallen Oak report feeling relieved, reassured, and hopeful.

Using nature metaphors makes emotionally difficult materials easier to digest and remember. Using the life cycle of the oak tree, the reader is gently educated and supported through a myriad of details that can easily overwhelm.

Highlights and topics covered:

  • Before We Get Started: Honoring the Space We’re In
  • The Life Cycle of the Oak Tree: The Acorn/Seedling (Early Stage)
  • What to Expect from the Diagnosis and Early Stage of Dementia
  • How Can I Help My Loved One (Early Stage)?
  • Anticipatory Grief
  • Legal and Financial Planning
  • Advance Directives and Honoring Their Wishes
  • The Life Cycle of the Oak Tree: The Sapling (Middle Stage)
  • What to Expect in the Middle Stages of Dementia
  • How Can I Help My Loved One (Middle Stage)?
  • Meaningful Ways to Interact with Your Loved One
  • The Life Cycle of the Oak Tree: The Mature Oak (Late Stage)
  • What to Expect in the Late Stages of Dementia
  • How Can I Help My Loved One (Late Stage)?
  • The Insidious and Unrelenting Guilt of the Nursing Home Decision
  • Facing End-of-Life Decisions: Artificial Food and IV Hydration
  • The Life Cycle of the Oak Tree: The Fallen Oak (End Stage)
  • What to Expect When Your Loved One Is Dying
  • How Can I Help My Loved One?
  • Grieving Your Loved One
  • Dementia and Caregiving Resources

Convey your care and concern using The Whisper of the Fallen Oak to reinforce your teachings.