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J. Webster, MSW, LISW-S
Brilliant Item $ Company

Recently discovered this resource for our hospice clients & families. We order from Ohio and everything has been wonderful. GREAT communication for orders, and their samples are super "cozy" looking. Thank you all for sharing your talents with the rest of the world!

Wow, we are humbled by your words! We do our best every day to meet the needs of EOL care providers. Your kind words keep us going, and we are so grateful to be able to serve you as well. Thanks so much!

Lisa Flanagan
Rock in the Pond


We live in a death/grief avoidant culture, one that wants to hurry up the grief process, and have the person return to “normal,” and “get over it.” If I Could Ask You for Anything helps not only the support people, but the griever, too; it helps the griever to identify what they may be experiencing and needing, and is a way to share with others about how they can be more helpful and supportive. It is helping to make a cultural shift in the world of grief; like throwing a rock in a pond – the circles widen and touch others. This little card is the rock in the pond, helping to create a healthier world where death is inevitable for all of us, and grief can be embraced and not feared.

Lisa Flanagan, LCSW
Carle Hospice Bereavement Coordinator

Lisa, thank you so much for your words of confidence about our pocket guide! Professionals like you make the difference for those who grieve, and I am happy we can help you support them. Thanks again!

Pamela Hotchkiss
If I Could Ask You for Anything

This is an excellent piece to give grieving family members.

Thanks for your vote of confidence, Pam!

P1001 | If I Could Ask You for Anything: 5 Heartfelt Requests of a Grieving Person



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Sold in Packs of 25 Cards

As healthcare and mental health professionals, we work with those who are grieving.  One of the most commonly heard heartaches from the bereaved is how they feel misunderstood in their grieving process.  Loved ones who surround the bereaved person try their best to console and understand, but still, the heartache of grief coupled with the loneliness of feeling misunderstood and the pressure to heal and move on leads to more difficulty in coping for the bereaved.  This Pocket Guide offers the words to explain what the grieving person is experiencing at a time when words are hard to come by.  Give these cards to your bereaved clients so that they may share with their family and friends to help them identify their needs and ask for what they need - acceptance, patience, compassion, and presence. 

Uses: This is a popular card to offer in the initial bereavement packet, as well as volunteer training, marketing to physician offices, and community education.