Tending Grief Newsletter Table of Contents


Tending Grief Table of Contents


Issue 1

The Voice of Grief: Welcome to Tending Grief

Grief Therapist Corner: What is “Normal Grief?”

Healing in Action:  The Action of “Tending”

Embracing Your Mindset: Do You Judge Your Own Grieving Process?

Word Origins: “Tend”

We Don’t Move On From Grief – We Move Forward with Grief


Issue 2

The Voice of Grief: Out of the Mouths of Babes

Grief Therapist Corner: Grieving Styles

Healing in Action: Learning to “Be”

Embracing Your Mindset: The Things People Say: When Condolences Hurt

Word Origins: “Bereave”

The Gift of Shock During Grief


Issue 3

The Voice of Grief: I May Need to Say No to Social Invitations But Please Don’t Stop Asking Me . . .”

Grief Therapist Corner: What is ‘Complicated’ Grief?

Healing in Action: 10 Actions You Can Take Now to Heal Your Grief

Embracing Your Mindset: Honesty: The ‘I’m Fine’ Mask

Word Origins: Grief

Secondary Losses



Issue 4

The Voice of Grief: Grief and Linking Objects

Grief Therapist Corner: Delayed Grief

Healing in Action: The Healing Benefits of Movement

Embracing Your Mindset: What Breathes Life into You?

Word Origins: Spirit


Issue 5

The Voice of Grief: Disenfranchised Grief

Grief Therapist Corner: All of a Sudden

Healing in Action: if I Could Ask You for Anything: 5 Heartfelt Requests from a Grieving Person

Embracing Your Mindset: Permission to Grieve

Word Origins: Emotion


Issue 6

The Voice of Grief: I Feel Like I Need to Defend my Grief

Grief Therapist Corner: Grief or Depression

Healing in Action: Remembering Through (Your Own) Rituals

Embracing Your Mindset: Surviving the Anniversary of Your Loved One’s Death

Word Origins: Remember

Dating After the Death of a Partner


Issue 7

The Voice of Grief: Is My Grief Supposed to be Healed by Now?

Grief Therapist Corner: The Guilt of Moving Forward

Healing in Action: Saying “Yes” to Being Social: Connecting to Your Village

Embracing Your Mindset: Creating a New Normal

Word Origins: Heal

Daring to Dream of a Future