Calculating Your Newsletter Quantities


Starting a new bereavement or aftercare follow up program can be challenging, whether you are starting from scratch or converting over from another program.  We aim to make things a bit easier for you, so we thought we would help you figure out how many newsletters you will require based on the Wings of Change Publications Tending Grief Program.

Tending Grief Mailing Schedule

Tending Grief is a newsletter series that enhances your bereavement/aftercare program by offering support, education, and consistent follow up to your clients.  There are 7 newsletters, designed to be sent throughout the 13 month process of your bereavement/aftercare follow up.

Send:                              When:                                         Example: Date of Death = Feb 1st

Issue 1                           1 month after death                     by March 1st

Issue 2                           3 months after death                   by May 1st

Issue 3                           5 months after death                   by July 1st

Issue 4                           7 months after death                   by September 1st

Issue 5                           9 months after death                   by November 1st

Issue 6                         11 months after death                   by January 1st (following year)

Issue 7                         13 months after death                   by March 1st (following year)


How many issues will I need?

Most of us in charge of bereavement/aftercare programs know about how many deaths their organization has cared for during the year.  I will use the example of 550 deaths of patient/client for the year. Allow extra issues in case more than one family member is interested in receiving the mailings as well - so total newsletters needed will be 575 for this organization.

Newsletter are packaged in 25 per pack, and their are 7 issues in the series. You will need 575 issues for each of the 7 newsletters in the series.

575 bereavement families divided by 25 (issues in the pack) = 23 packs of each newsletter - so:

575/25 = 23 packs of each newsletter

23 packs of Issue 1

23 packs of Issue 2

23 packs of Issue 3

23 packs of Issue 4

23 packs of Issue 5

23 packs of Issue 6

23 packs of Issue 7 


If you have any questions, or need help figuring out how many newsletters you need based on your situation, just give us a ring - we are happy to run some numbers with you to make this easier for you: (636) 541-6336.