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Catherine Holden
Very Helpful Resource

These books and materials are such a great resource for families going through these stages of life. Easy to read and understand step by step. First time ready was extremely emotional for each of us because we hadn't actually verbalized (said the words) that had been told to us about what to expect during Hospice. That helped open the door for us to have the hard conversations with each other.

Thank you, Catherine, for taking the time in your caregiving schedule to write this review. Knowing it helped you in your most difficult times will help countless other family members and caregivers. We wish and your family the best as you navigate caregiver duties and emotions.

ZCB1001 | The Caregiver Bundle


Designed for the caregiver of a loved one at the end of life


The Caregiver Bundle is created to address many experiences, emotions, and needs encountered while filling the caregiver role. Most of us have not experienced the physical and mental decline of a loved one, and the role of caregiver can be isolating, fear-provoking, and overwhelming.

When we curated this bundle, we tried to pull together resources that would cover what to expect from the decline and eventual dying process, as well as provide validation for the feelings and emotions experienced.

For many, the depth of emotion and the effects of grief on their everyday lives take them by surprise. We also included materials on the grieving process: what to expect, how to cope with the grief experience and actionable ways to work through your grief while granting yourself grace.

The Caregiver Bundle includes:


  • Nature Gave Us Butterflies: A Family's Guide to End-of-Life Transitions
  • Nature Gave Us Dragonflies: The Caregiver's Essential Guide for Emotional and Physical Self-care
  • The Nature of Grief: Healing and Honoring the Seasons of Loss
  • The Whisper of the Fallen Oak: A Family's Guide to Early, Middle, Late, and End-stage Dementia

Pocket Guides:

  • If I Could Ask You for Anything: 5 Heartfelt Requests of a Grieving Person
  • The Active Dying Process: What to Expect and How You Can Comfort Your Loved One
  • Food, Fluids, and Feelings: Understanding the Body's Needs at the End of Life
  • The 10 Essentials of Healthy Grieving 

We believe an informed caregiver is better equipped to handle the stressors as they arise because they know what to expect and they receive validation their experience is a normal part of the caregiving process. This bundle is full of affirmation and education that supports the caregiver during this overwhelming time in their lives.

You don't have to do this alone. Let us support you with our materials written specifically for caregivers.